Episode HintsEdit

Jade and Cat

Give It Up

Season 1Edit

Pilot: Edit

  • Jade's first pick for an acting partner is Cat even though Beck is her boyfriend.
  • When Jade spills coffee on Tori's head Cat is the only one who doesn't show a sign of protest; the look on her face is sad like she expected Jade to do something like that but hoped she wouldn't do it.
  • After kissing Beck Jade immediatly walks over to Cat and stays with her instead of him. This could be because Jade knows that Tori will try to bet her and she thinks Cat may help her and/or she feels more comfortable on her side.
  • When Beck tells the girls to relax after Tori started picking on Jade Cat instantly agrees with him even though this makes her lose that excercise, maybe because she wants to protect Jade of being disgraced.

The Bird Scene:Edit

  • In Sikowitz's class Jade and Cat act out a scene together. It's likely that they wanted to work together but it's also possible that Sikowitz chose them maybe because he knows that they go well with each other.
  • When Sikowitz hits Cat with a ball in the face Jade is upset although in later episode it is shown that she enjoys pain.
  • While Cat gets back on her feet she bumps into Jade but Jade doesn't seem to care.
  • Cat likes Tori's new locker but as soon as Jade asks to have lunch she loses attention.

Stage Fighting:Edit

  • After Cat and Russ performance Jade (along with the others) claps although she doesn't seemed to be really impressed.
  • As soon as Jade cries 'butternut' Cat jumps up and runs to her. She's also the first one to notice that Jade's eye is bloody.
  • Cat is the first one to ask Tori why she hit Jade for real. When Tori tells her she didn't Cat answers that she believes her but it's obviously that she doesn't, even though she knows that Jade can be pretty mean.
  • When the girl splushes her drink into Jade's face by mistake Cat is sitting at a table in the background and looks shocked; it's not clear if she is shocked because she seriously believed Jade and didn't expect her to be the liar or if she was just worried about her.

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